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We know data

We know bias

And we know business

We are dedicated to create more inclusive and unbiased AI systems. With our fairness solutions, we ensure that your data is both reliable and ethical, leading to fair and responsible AI deployment.

We leverage experience from business, technology and the social sciences and the team you will be working with will be an interdisciplinary group.

Our team

Saghi Hajisharif

PhD Visual Machine Learning, CTO and co-founder. Saghi brings years of machine learning skills to the research our tools build upon, to make sure the fairness metrics and debiasing algorithms are working for your data.

Some of Saghi's research:

Saghi Hajisharif - Linköping University (liu.se)

Ericka Johnson

Professor Gender and Society, CSO and co-founder. Ericka brings theoretical and social science research on data in the world to address the intersectional aspects of synthetic data.

Some of Ericka's research:

Ericka Johnson - Linköping University (liu.se)

Helene Ström

CEO and co-founder. We know that you are making synthetic data to give you a commercial advantage. Helene brings to our work a background in business which customizes our tools to make research relevant.

Our approach

We know the technology. But we also
understand how real-world power dynamics
make biased data.

And the unexpected paths that data can take
in an organization.

Your synthetic data need to work for you. Get the right synthetic data and align it with your company's needs.

Unbiased synthetic data needs a technical solution - but one that considers the real world dynamics of your data and its alignment.

The technology is key. But it is not enough. We know technology, social science and business. 

Venn diagram of Fair AI Data's competences: Technology, Social Science and Business